Todd Fowler

Todd FowlerAward-winning director-producer Todd Fowler came to the film business in a rather unusual way: as a singer-songwriter-rock guitarist-recording artist-businessman. But the hallmark of each endeavor has been his creativity and drive toward excellence. A student of the masters, filmmakers such as Howard Hawks, Carol Reed, and Alfred Hitchcock, as well as modern icons like Michael Mann and Ridley Scott, Todd is first and foremost a visual storyteller. But his understanding of the language and rhythm of music is ever present in his work, regardless of genre. His experience on the stage in front of audiences, as well as his deep love for movies, has developed in Todd a strong desire to keep audiences entertained and on the edge of their seats, whether by making them laugh, cry, or jump in surprise. As a founding partner in Red Wood Studios, Todd is thrilled with the opportunity to use his talents to entertain movie fans like himself who miss the sheer artistry and storytelling of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Todd currently resides with his family in southern California.